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ISAF forces capture large cache of narcotics

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan— ISAF air and ground elements coordinated early Wednesday morning to capture more than 6,000 pounds of illegal drugs in the Maiwand District.
Shortly before 3 a.m., an ISAF Scout Weapons Team, consisting of two OH-58 Kiowa helicopters, observed a suspicious vehicle attempting to evade them. The SWT maintained visual contact with the fleeing vehicle while relaying the information to nearby soldiers.
As the soldiers moved to intercept the truck it stopped and both occupants fled to nearby cover. The SWT guided the soldiers to the truck and the two male suspects hiding a short distance away.
A subsequent search of the truck revealed more than 5,300 pounds of processed opium, more than 1,000 pounds of wet opium paste, approximately 50 pounds of heroin and multiple firearms with ammunition.
The suspects were detained and the drugs have been destroyed on site. A portion of the seized narcotics has been retained for analysis.
Investigation of this incident is ongoing.

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