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Central bank USD 2,800,000,000 term transfer the working none steer with the proper time

Personage of news reveals, the market alleged recently of central bank USD 2,800,000,000 extend bill’s operating don’t go ahead on schedule. The related personage all means didn’t receive the central bank related business operation mail as well as once heard on that day own organization participated in this matter. Therefore, the central bank might basically […]

Amusement for first WinXP will carry out a person to totally use homo stand computer

According to report, the Microsoft company plans to improve its WindowsXP operate system, so that he/she carries out 2 people to use the purpose of one set computer at the same time, this will be the company in the realization from the personal computer change toward the home amusement center the target the important one […]

Silver Jian meet: Department of banking QDII has already hoped accelerate

Silver Jian will have already declared to loosen the investment outlet that the bank fastens QDII and allow it to invest specieses like stock,etc, the qualified inshore organization investor has already hoped to welcome a big development this year. Rui Yin thinks that China the QDII scale isn’t big currently, still limited to the influence […]

Take down Chengdu south earth Wang Li Jia truly 2,100,000,000 pain beating froth theory

Truly does the Li Jia exorbitant price clap ground to cause a real estate foam?Hong Kong claps an exorbitant price real estate Li Jia truly 9,400,000,000 huge sums take ground 2,100,000,000 take down city south ground Wang Li Jia truly want in Chengdu to set up Hong Kong the morning of October 29, along with […]

Hong Kong last month the rocks believed in to count a gravelled

Last month bankruptcy believed in to several times rise 6. 6% this year the head overed 5,000 ratios to reduce the near half bankruptcy management office to announce yesterday last year in May, this harbor is personal in May bankrupt apply for for 1048, compare 983 of April increased 65, rise is 6. 6%. But […]

AMD challenges Intel to push a new sub section at the end of the year notebook treater

News on November 23, the AMD new style of MobileSempron chip promotes sales to increase new vitality for the day off of the company, but this processor combines to falter Intel’s leading position in fastness in the notebook market. New style of MobileSempron 3000+ is frivolous type notebook design. AMD means on November 23, by […]

Is a little bit exclusive to review: Serving to trade an industry will become a national point backing craft

Order to review: The service industry mainly includes sea transportation, travel, finance, insurance, logistics, information, accountancy, law etc. realm, although, since the reform opened, China serves trade also and gets very greatly development, to 2004 the middle of the years, the country serves trade to have the specific weight of service in the world trade […]

Already the calculator virus 25 year old birthday turns into to°from the rig to offend

In calculator science realm, there are a lot of ages that are worth being in remembrance of, such as: In 1822, British checks Ba Bi Qi of Er Si to design first set bad extension;In 1965, the first E mail publishes;In 1982, the calculator virus appears for the very first time. But make reference to […]

The benevolent fund becomes into a new soldier of municipality

Kang good luck medicine industry half year report suggest, benevolent fund in Shanghai City will totally buy the companies to circulate 1122049. The Year 2003’s half year announcing yesterday at the Kang good luck medicine industry is reporting summary, benevolent fund in Shanghai will quietly appear at the company’s first ten greatest shareholders list for […]

Latest monitor display: Water quality droop in the nest lake is heavy kilowatt hour contamination

New China net matches fatty the province environmental protection bureau giving or getting an electric shock Anhui on September 4 announce August of point river valley fluid matter in Anhui province monthly bulletin recently. Latest monitor suggest, compared with July, lake fluid matter in the nest lake is re descended by the mid degree pollution […]

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