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Spring night language program now trial of final instance originally mountain Sung Dan Dan unite Mei again

Is medium the new net give or get an electric shock today on January 5, 2006 springs the language program late will accept the last reviewing, 14 language programs will one by one see to play to sow hall to present to public on the 1st in the Yang and accept an examination. Have already […]

Mo indogen big: Pacific Asia stock market’s adjusting to bring the buying hazard the investor should increase to hold

And Xun news last Friday, the Pacific Asia main stock index appears a significant slump. However, the Mo root big halts Hong Kong economist Anne Mo in Delhi watt analysis think, special of the market will bring special opportunity, is exactly the good opportunity that the Pacific Asia waits newly arisen market buying currently. Before […]

Building City truth in Shanghai investigates: The three greatest knots urgently treat to solve

No matter where will the development of real estate market in Shanghai head for in the future?No matter in the process like this in the center whether exist a so called game?The problem in nowadays lies in, how avoid the Tui power in building City, Shanghai, avoid developing toward all the worse direction. Really, building […]

Sterling/USD prospects: Rise potential respite pre eminent choppy

On Wednesday market, U. S. dollar exchanges majority of currencies to continue to decline;The not beautiful currency trend divides, the yen walks completely Gao, the pound, Ao dollar drops adjustment. Is ex to trade a day, the pound/U. S. dollar is opened to 1. 9296, Be accepted to 1. 9243, of tallest whole day 1. […]

The big bat batch has already hoped to challenge 1450

The big dish continues to put today quantity up offend, with one action recovered on the 30th an average line. Big dish in end Hu City is accepted with 1397. 38: 00 report, soared 25. 32: 00, deeply became to point to accept at 2835. 49: 00, soared 45. 45: 00. The Hu City clinches […]

It is said that: Long rainbow possibility in Sichuan and international big plant collaborate

According to medium wealth net, long Hong in Sichuan is very likely to cooperate with the big factory of international top, and should is the big factory of Europe. Therefore EU market is gradually lifting ban, although the restriction that still has quota, see from the strategic layout, the long Hong having already had to […]

Patiently await bottom turning to click to appear

Repeatedly blow on genial breezes of news noodles today, attend 20 country group the fourth time central bank of ministerial level meeting go long wear mutually a dragon to say while accepting reporter’s interview, with current the difficult situation of economy in the world forms fresh clearly what to contrast is economic Chinese development power […]

Stir fry a section to win the principle at wanting to in advance be worth of an investment predominance next year sentiment

In the future how turn into, total ability from pass by and see clues now. To discuss how next year’s market develops have to pay attention to this year some varieties of occurrence are on the market. We think that the biggest variety is a lately formed fund organization this year condition of the market, […]

Pay attention to the low in price in Shanghai section

Seeing from current dish noodles, the market the slightest didn’t appear a turning point and canvassed business the bank significantly shrunk quantity to explain that this had no funds at present at with participation, hoped to consign to arouse popularity in this have been not very realistic. Unique well worth mentioning is some local in […]

The big bat batch iteration section divides

Is big before the dish several trade a day of keep on descending explore, make last week the stock index be a little bit low to be crossed, the Hu just drew on to definitely buy dish into after pointing saw low 1488: 00 yesterday. Because top certificate comprehensive the index number can not respond […]

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